How to add table of content in Word?

The Microsoft Word program is a great opportunity for you. You can easily add the list of content that you have written in the text to the beginning of the text. Follow the paper below to know How to add table of content in Word.

Table of Contents

Go to References tab. The first part of this tab is that you can see the buttons in it as shown below.

How to add table of content in Word

How to add table of content in Word

If you click the Table of Contents button, the options will appear as follows.

As you can see in the figure, there are two parts called Automatic Table, which are used automatically to create the list. The third option, called Manual Table, is used to enter the table manually by clicking on that list that you can replace your desired items. To create an automated directory, just like in the Styles section of the Home tab, just assign a style to the headlines you want to put in your list, yet you can use up to ten styles for your list. However you must define the priority of using them, which we will discuss further.

More Tables is available to access more listings on the Microsoft website. To create a dedicated list, click the Custom Table of Content button to open the following window.

How to add table of content in Word

The Show page number option is to display or hide the page number. The Right Align option is to arrange the number of pages on the right side of the page.

The Tab leader option is to select the number of pages that contains the options, such as: no pointer, dashboard and two types of lines.

How to add table of content in Word

In the General section, the Formats option specifies different shapes for displaying the list, which you can see in the Preview section of this window by selecting one of the formats in the box opposite this option.

An option called Show Level to set the number of headers to be displayed in the list.

Press the Options button to open another window as shown below.

How to add table of content in Word

In this window, you can set the styles priority to be used in order to list them in order.

In the Web Preview section in the Table of Content window, you can use it when placing your texts on web pages. It’s possible to see how to display it in this section. By choosing Use Hyperlinks, you can link your list headlines, which can also be used on web pages.

Use Add Text button to add the header to the list of contents, which you can click on it to determine the priority of using it.

The Update Table option is one of the most widely used options in this section. It’s used when you give a change to your document. Therefore to the number of pages and headlines in your list, and now you want to see the result of your changes in the content list. To do this is enough. Just click the Update Table button to update your listing and apply changes.

Tip: you have to choose headings options before writing your text and adding table of contents.

That was How to add table of content in Word.

How to add table of content in Word?
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