How to calculate t-Test in excel?

As a student, researcher, statistician or university professor, you probably need to do some statistical analysis on numerical data. Statistical tests such as t-Test are familiar to you and sometimes come to your attention. In the tutorial, we will look at how to calculate t-Test in excel. We can also count on P-value in the middle of the work. However, we also teach how to calculate p-value in excel. Stay with us.

What is t-Test?

The t-test (t-student) is used to evaluate the average sample size with the average of the community in a situation where the standard deviation of the community that is unavailable. Since the t distribution for small samples is moderated using degrees of freedom, the t-test can be used for very small samples. Also, the t-test is applicable when the standard error of the community is unknown and the standard error of the sample is known.

t-Test in excel

In the Excel data analysis tool, three types of t-Test are defined to compare two data groups. After clicking on the Data Analysis tool in the Data tab, select one of the three following modes to fit the requirements and click OK.

How to calculate t-Test in excel

Suppose two datasets that relate to a statistical society are to be compared in two different times. For example, compare the blood pressure of students in a class before and after an event and experiment. t-Test: Paired Two Sample for Means is suitable.

The second mode is to compare two measurement groups in two different and independent statistical societies. For example, the blood pressure of students in two classes. In this case, choose t-test: Two-Sample Assuming Equal Variances, and then talk about Equal Variances.

The third mode is that we have two data groups belonging to two statistical societies, so that the variance is not equal. In this case, select the third one; t-test: Two-Sample Assuming Unequal Variances.

We need a simple test to make sure that the variance or dispersion of the two set of data is equal or not. Therefore we can decide between choosing the second or third option.

So first, click on the Data Analysis tool in the Data tab and select the F-Test Two-Sample for Variances option. Select the two data groups by clicking on the Variable 1 Range and Variable 2 Range fields and selecting the method of clicking and dragging on the cells.

How to calculate t-Test in excel

Finally, click OK. Excel displays the result on a new page unless you select the output location via the Output Range field on the current page.

Note the value of the P-Value, if this number is less than 0.05, it means that the variance of the two categories of your data is not the same. Hence, you should use the third t-test.

How to calculate t-Test in excel

But let’s go back to the t-tests. After choosing the type of t-test analysis, select your two data types similar to the F-test and specify where to put the result of the analysis. Click OK to display the result of the analysis, including the average value, the deviation, and so on.

For example, if the value of P is less than 0.05 units, the two data groups are completely different, and it can be concluded that the first and second grade students have a completely different situation and should look for the cause of the difference.

How to calculate t-Test in excel

Great! This was How to calculate t-Test in excel.

How to calculate t-Test in excel?
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