How to determine regression in excel

People who deal with raw data are also looking for an analysis of these data. People such as graduate students, university professors, and researchers from research institutes are those who need to have an analysis of these data. Statistical tests or regression are some of them. The tutorial teaches you how to determine regression in excel.

What is regression?

Regression means return. It means predicting and expressing changes of a variable based on other variable information. One of the most widely used in statistics is Regression. Using Regression, one can determine which factors have a great effect on the phenomena. For example, suppose that our dependent variable is the student’s blood pressure, and the independent variable is salt and weight. The question is that salt intake has a greater effect on blood pressure or body weight. We use regression to decide on this.

Regression in Excel

Typically, click on the Data Analysis in the Data tab and select Regression type analysis and click OK.

How to determine regression in excel

Tip: Be sure to enable Data Analysis before going to regression. This feature provided in Microsoft Excel 2016 and later.

In the regression window, there are two Input Y Range and Input X Range fields. The Y field is used to select the dependent data in our example of blood pressure. The second field X is used to select independent data groups such as salt, weight, height, and so on.

If you need labels to make headlines clear, click Labels.

In the Output options section, select the destination cell of the Output Range field. Finally, click OK.

How to determine regression in excel

The work output is as follows; note the P-value for the two groups Weight and Salt.

How to determine regression in excel

As you can see, the P value for the independent salt variable is much smaller than 0.05. It means that there is a distinctive correlation between blood pressure and salt intake. Whereas in the case of a weight variable, this number is greater than 0.05, which is means its low effect on blood pressure.

Good job! You learned How to determine regression in excel.

How to determine regression in excel
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