How to fix syntax error in WordPress?

There are common mistakes in any software, system, and site over time. Test-based solutions are found for them. One of the common problems is the syntax Error in WordPress, which is abundantly seen. I’m sure you’ve ever seen this error, or maybe you’re scared to see it. This error is one of the errors that can easily ruin the entire site, and this is uncomfortable for users, especially beginners. But do not worry! This error can also be fixed. In this article, we guide how to fix syntax error in WordPress. As always, we’re glad to accompany you.

Syntax error in WordPress

Why your website should face WordPress Syntax Error?

This happens very simply. Think about whether you have recently copied a code from the web. Did you update the plugin? With this idea, you get the chance to know which part you should check. A comma that you need to put at the end of your code snippet, but forgets it, placing an extra bracket and so on; they can break the script and display a Syntax Error in WordPress in front of your eyes!

Now how to fix syntax error

You can easily fix the syntax error in WordPress with the error location you received in the browser. Notice the following image:

How to fix syntax error in WordPress?

How to fix syntax error in WordPress?

It shows you which route you should go to, and you can even see the line you’re having trouble with.

This is an error that has destroyed the entire website simply.

Tip: If you are beginner WordPress user, you may go to the WordPress Editor section and make a mistake in modifying the code snippet. For this reason, it’s best to go to the Appearance —> Editor section and lock this environment.

To do this, open the wp-config.php file in website host and place the following code snippet to hide the editor option from the counter.

How to fix syntax error in WordPress?

Whenever you need to change the code, you can do this by connecting to the FTP.

How to fix syntax error in WordPress using FTP?

When the Syntax Error occurs to your WordPress site, you may no longer have access to the WordPress admin panel. You can connect to your host account server in order to access the corresponding code that caused the Syntax Error.

After connecting to your host, go to the file address that you see on the Syntax error page. Open the corresponding file and go to the corresponding line. If you have forgotten the syntax error is related to which line, return to the syntax error screen and see the error line. Check the code and fix it.

How to fix syntax error in WordPress?
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