How to post from WordPress to Instagram?

Instagram is a powerful social networking site for sharing photos and videos on all site administrators these days. Instagram’s portfolio sharing can be very effective in improving business and Have your job. But one of the concerns of most site administrators is not having enough time to share content on Instagram, so today we introduce an efficient and powerful plugin for WordPress auto-publishing on Instagram. You learn How to post from WordPress to Instagram.

Instagram auto poster

When it comes to automated WordPress content publishing on Instagram, Instagram auto poster comes with the WordPress Plugin. This plugin is very simple and will help you publish a simple solution to your WordPress content on your Instagram page. You can do it without having to log in to Instagram.

Install and work Instagram auto poster plugin

Download the plugin and install and activate the extensions section.

You can download it from the link.

Go to WordPress dashboard. Go to Plugins—> Add New.

How to post from WordPress to Instagram

Select Upload Plugin. Then, browse the zip file of plugin. Click Install. Finally Activate.

How to post from WordPress to Instagram

How to post from WordPress to Instagram

After installing and activating the plugin, the Instagram plug-in option is added to your WordPress settings section.  Select Instagram auto poster settings and complete it in the tutorial below.

How to post from WordPress to Instagram

Instagram Login: Enter your Instagram page ID without @.

Instagram Password: Enter the password to the page.

Plugin status: Here you have 2 options – first, automatic publishing of WordPress content on the Instagram. Second, send it manually

How to make auto-posts: In this section, you can also select 2 options – use WordPress (Scheduling), and second, post immediately. In this case, the Instagram page will be published after selecting the release key or timing key.

Display the column in the list of posts: if enabled, in the All posts section, a column will be added that will display published content on the Instagram.

Message Text Format: You must complete this item. In this section, you can specify the type of posting format of your post by entering the code below the box. We have introduced them below.

{TITLE} – Shortcodes display the title of the article

{URL} – Shortcodes displaying link links

{EXCERPT} – Shortcodes displaying the content of the content

{TAG} – Shortcodes display tags

{CATS} – Shortcodes Display Category

{HCATS} – shortening displaying the category of articles along with the hashtag #

{HTAGS} – Shortcodes Displaying Content Tags with hashtag #

{AUTHORNAME} – Shortcodes display the author’s name

{SITENAME} – Shortcodes display the name of the site

Some Important Tips on the Instagram auto poster plugin

For content, you need to insert an image to be published on the Instagram.

Your images must have a background; PNG images without a background will trigger a warning at the time of publication.

You do not need to use all the shortcodes, most notably are {TITLE} – {EXCERPT} – {HTAGS}.

WordPress Plugin Instagram auto poster is one of the easiest and most effective plug-ins for WordPress auto-publishing on Instagram, but it will also have its own problems.

Share other ways to post from WordPress to Instagram automatically. Comment on How to post from WordPress to Instagram tutorial to improve it.

How to post from WordPress to Instagram?
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