How to solve Captcha showing error in Drupal?

It might possible for you to go to a Drupal website. After a mistake and refresh the page, have you seen the lack of Captcha in the refreshed page? Do you know why it occurs? The first time I entered the account, I made the username or password incorrect, but I entered the correct Captcha, and this correct entry made me do not ask for a bit more questions for the next time and assumes that I am the man who answered the first question right and I do not need to answer again. Now, this question may have a role in your mind, what’s your problem? Or how can I solve Captcha showing error in Drupal?

Well, if one wants to write a script or script and find your username and password, you must be able to answer the petition, but since he is not human and cannot read, he cannot answer. Now, its point is that if the programmer himself answers the first time to Captcha and then executes his malicious program on his site then it’s not very good!

What’s its solution?

To solve Captcha showing error in Drupal go to following route:

Admin—> user—> Captcha                                          in Drupal 6 or

Admin —> config—> people—> Captcha                in Drupal 7

Go to ‘Persistence’ item, you will see below options:

How to solve Captcha showing error in Drupal?

How to solve Captcha showing error in Drupal?

First, If you select the first one, it always asks questions.

The second case is the default mode, which if asked once for the correct answer to a petition on the site, it does not ask.

The third case, if given a correct answer for a particular item, does not ask for the same particular items, but asks for other questions. For example, if you answered the correct answer to the site, it’s OK but it will ask for leave a comment again.

Fourth, if you’ve just answered the question one more, you will not be asked at all.

Maybe you tell yourself that it is not very necessary to know these things but I think …
Need to know How to solve Captcha showing error in Drupal. You learned simple way to show Captcha after validation error in Drupal.

How to solve Captcha showing error in Drupal?
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